Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

October 12, 2001

Little of note today. Watched "Godfather" and "Iron Chef". Did some laundry and a little grocery shopping.

Bits of iconoclasm:

"I'm sick of this back-slapping, ain't-humanity-great bullshit. We're a virus with shoes."--Bill Hicks.

Does doing the job one is paid for, in the manner one was trained to do it, really make one a hero? Does it absolve them of the inherent blank slate that is being human? Of course not.

"Moral ambiguity, after all, is the luxury of a bored society, and Sept. 11 banished boredom."--Julia Keller, in her column of 10/11. Horsefeathers. Fear does not negate boredom. Boredom is a reaction to a lack of engagement, and it's certainly still possible to be unengaged by The Events. The world's just as scary a place as it used to be, people are just a lot more aware of it now.

I realize I'm trying to logic-and-rationality an emotional argument, but then, logic-and-rationality are the engines that fire my world, as I've said many times before. So don't fault me for being consistent.

Actually, there's a line in "Bandits" that hits it pretty well on the head. Billy Bob Thornton, as the smart one of the gang, says, "You know what the worst part is about being the smart one? Knowing what's going to happen next." Being a logic-and-rationality type means you don't get shocked any more. And frankly, I don't think I miss it.

Hell with it, I should just stop reading Keller. (Incidentally, the morally ambiguous cop type she refers to goes back longer than she says--back to 1971's "The French Connection".)

George Bush is still the same bumbling, bungling incompetent he was September 10, it's just that now he's a bumbling, bungling incompetent who's had an enormous situation thrust at him, and his handlers realize they have to keep him on a significantly shorter leash. I still think the man, left to his own devices, would have difficulty choosing a meal in the drive-thru at McDonald's by himself.

Wow, and here I was thinking I didn't have anything to say tonight.

Today's Link Of The Day is something from the Wrong Fun file that I'm using now while it can still be funny. Don't be put off by the URL, it's clean. http://eel.sexsexworld.com/eel/anthrax.html

10/13/2001 5:25 AM

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