Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

October 16, 2001

Worse was, oddly, less productive (no completes) but faster today. I've found a way to make time pass more quickly, while still being almost productive.

Trying to finish Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's "From Hell" before the arrival Friday of the film version. I do not know how successful I will be. I may end up shutting myself in my room Friday doing nothing but reading, until I leave for the theatre.

Today's fodder for discussion: Saint Paul was the greatest salesman in the history of the world. Discuss.

There is an odd, singularly unnameable feeling that comes from telling a 15-year-old girl that you don't want to talk to her because she's not a 58-year-old man. (The mistake was made because both have the same name-a name, which, oddly enough, is also the name of a large high school in Chicago.)

Today's Link Of The Day is The Most Wanted Paintings On The Web. What if art was market-researched? What would a painting that everyone, based on their responses to market research-type questions, would like look like? How about one that contains elements that everyone says they would hate? Find out here, and find out what the Most Wanted (and Least Wanted) paintings from several other countries look like: http://www.diacenter.org/km/

10/17/2001 3:25 AM

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