Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

October 19, 2001


Bought "Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace" on DVD and Tenacious D's self-titled debut CD today. The D rules.

It was a day of puppies, an odd parking lot transaction, and Jack The Ripper.

A pair of married friends got a new puppy yesterday. For reasons semi-obscure, I got to drive the male half of the couple (and the puppy) to the vet today. All was well. She needed some antibiotics and cough syrup, but otherwise pretty OK. She's rather a cutie, this puppy.

P's car got hit recently. (I don't remember if I mentioned it when it happened, and I'm too lazy to check now-he was parked and inside, when he came out, there was damage. (Side note: the guy who did it was caught on tape and arrested.)) Anyway, he's walking into a grocery store today when a guy stops him and says, "For $150, I can fix the paint damage on your car." So I get a phone call that starts "How much cash can you lay your hands on right now?" which is always a fun way to start talking. He then asks me to bring him the $150. I do, but the whole thing has the feel of a drug deal, and I tell him so. (I also tell him (truthfully) I've never touched drugs, but that doesn't mean I've never seen the business side.) Anyway, he paid the guy, and I haven't taken a look at the car since to see if whatever treatment he was offering actually worked. The thing still seems shady, but I was repaid within three hours so it's not really my issue any more.

Saw "From Hell", directed by the Hughes Brothers. Sadly, I did not manage to finish the book before seeing the film. (Doesn't mean I'm going to stop working on it.) Taken on its own, the film is spectacular-it's a terrific look into 1888, the Ripper crimes, and the lives of those affected. But…comics is comics, and film is film. There are things that can be done in comics (especially a project as long (500-odd pages) as "From Hell") that can't be done in film. For example, one entire chapter of the book is devoted to the Ripper and his henchman on a tour of London and its Masonic sites and buildings. Endlessly fascinating, and enriching, but unsuitable for film. There are a couple of other changes-the Ripper's identity is never concealed in the book, in the movie it's saved until almost the end-but for the most part, things are quite good. The performances (save Heather Graham's laughable accent) are good, the look is suitably moody, and the Hugheses certainly have a way with the violence. I recommend it for those with strong stomachs and strong nerves.

Considering a haircut tomorrow.

Today's Link Of The Day is, I think, something for young French Satan-worshipers. If one of my Francophone readers could let me know what the song is saying, I'd greatly appreciate it. Whatever the hell it is, it needs to be seen. Requires Flash. http://www.yomgaille.com/bordel/un_lapin.html

10/20/2001 4:12 AM

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