Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

November 1, 2001

Random quote for today (said in reference to someone you don't know): "I don't just want to hit him in the head with a hammer. I want to hit him in the head with Mjolnir, enchanted hammer of Thor, God of Thunder."

Another day at work. Got paid, which was good. My Direct Deposit is, according to my paystub, "awaiting bank confirmation", which is bad. That meant I had to do the "mad dash to the opposite end of town so I could deposit my check by 5PM and have my money Friday instead of having to wait until Monday to have my money" routine. Which I managed to pull off, and, with the added stop at McDonald's to fill a supervisor's beverage request, only took 50 minutes of my 30-minute lunch. I confessed my lateness (as it turns out, I could conceivably have gotten away with it-all the supervisors were in a meeting when I got back and they might never have known) and received a "well, just note it on your timesheet and don't let it happen again". Life can occasionally be good.

I actually cut a large portion from that last paragraph. I decided it was too inside, a bit boring, and, frankly, might have portrayed me in a less-than-sympathetic light. So out it went. This is my power.

Beyond that, not much else. Will shop voraciously tomorrow.

Today's Link Of The Day is Gumpals. Y'know, I see the US being criticized as decadent and self-absorbed, and then I see Gumpals and I begin to wonder…maybe they're right. I only hope the proprietors of Gumpals make a large, large sum of money, just to make sure that said cash is out of the hands of the kind of people who'd buy Gumpals products. http://www.gumpals.com/

11/2/2001 4:44 AM

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