Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

November 14, 2001

Not much to say tonight.

Well, there's this-P developed what looked like "atrial fibrillation" during dialysis today, which meant 12-lead EKG, heart monitor and (possibly) the pushback of his release until Friday. It may have been a glitch, or something very short-term, so who knows. The possibility still exists of a Thursday release, which would be infinitely preferable.

I'm not talking about work.

It looks like Illinois Attorney General and unindicted co-conspirator Jim Ryan will not be knocked out of the race for governor by his cancer relapse. Guess this just means we'll have to make very loud noise about him instead.

Today's Link Of The Day is the site of my favorite UK football (soccer) team, Manchester United. I'm sure this strikes most of you as either ridiculous (because I've never seen an English football game) or disgusting (because Man United are the favorite team of everyone outside the UK, it seems-rather like being a Yankees fan, really…oh, wait…) but that's the way it is. If forced to choose a #2, I guess I'd go with Arsenal because they're Johnny Rotten's favorite club. Anyway, go read about the amazingness that is the Reds: http://www.manutd.com/

11/15/2001 4:51 AM

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