Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

November 15, 2001

"The human heart. A dense and powerful muscle, rather like the organic equivalent of mahogany…and notoriously difficult to burn."-cobbled-together half-remembered facts on anatomy, taken from "From Hell", both the film and Alan Moore's endnotes to the book.

There has, apparently, been damage done to P's heart. The cause is as yet unknown, but he suspects it has something to do with 35 years of smoking. Tests upon tests-cardiac enzymes, spiral CT, EKG…He's looking like a late Friday or Saturday release.

We are not worried until we know what to worry about.
We are not worried until we know what to worry about.
We are not worried until we know what to worry about.

Tomorrow is packed as hell. At least two movies (well, one movie, two screenings), assorted shopping, perhaps a haircut, visiting P, and at some point I have to shoehorn in time to bake a cake.

Got paid, and my direct deposit (finally) kicked in, which meant I didn't need to do the Mad Crosstown Lunchtime Bank Dash. Had pizza. Actually, for a long while tonight I was, in a turn of events that's at best odd for me, ecstatic to be alive. That happens every so often, though it's a hell of a lot rarer than my depressive periods. I was feeling SO good that I started to wonder if I'm not at least a little bit manic. Typical, really-my mood's on an upswing, and in the back of my brain I can't help but wonder if it's indicative of something wrong with me.

Today's Link Of The Day was a foremost citizen of the Bad World. He's left us now (in what looks suspiciously like suicide-by-cop) but the writings-oh, why be so nice about it-wild-eyed foam-mouthed rantings remain. So, a moment of silence for http://williamcooper.com/

11/16/2001 4:55 AM

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