Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

June 19, 2001

I have a new favorite piece of prison slang: "Drug Charge": Child molestation; "He's in on a drug charge, he drug them out of the sandbox".

Friendship is, on some level, based on common experience. An example: eleven months ago I was downsized from a job I rather liked. I was in a team with about five other people (including a surrogate Mom-type), as well as being part of a department of almost 70. After I got downsized, I called my not-Mom almost daily. When, some four months later, I got a job in another state, the calls tapered off. Then I returned from that job, two months after receiving it, the calls did not really restart. Now I call maybe once a month, just to remind her I'm still alive. Here's what happened: when we were working together, we saw each other eight hours a day (actually, closer to nine, considering the number of times we did lunch). That went on for nine months. Then I left the job, but we were still talking almost daily. This went on for four months, but toward the end, the calls were less frequent. Then the out-of-state job happened, and there were fewer calls again-I know it looks like I'm repeating myself, but this is my point: the common experience, which started at work and moved to daily communication slowed to a near-stop. As we were apart, there was less common experience to draw from-these days the calls, when they happen, are mostly just the news of comings and goings at the company I used to work for. The same paradigm can be applied to nearly any variety of friendship-from school, neighborhood, whatever. When the common experience is no longer happening through frequent (constant) contact, things will naturally slow down. It's not something done consciously; it is, basically, friction acting to put an object in motion to rest.

Wow. I just put the metaphors in a blender and hit frappe there, didn't I? Eh, it's after 4AM, what do you expect?

Dad is improving. It's looking like Friday or Saturday for his release.

Saw Ivan Reitman's "Evolution" today. It is probably Reitman's best film since the "Ghostbusters", though, when you look at his record since then ("Father's Day"? "Six Days Seven Nights"?!?!?) that becomes kind of a backhanded compliment. All the actors acquit themselves well, and the humor is…a little different from what is usually seen onscreen today. Less mean, less dirty, but still quite funny. There's a bit of Star Trek logic (""I have a crazy vaguely scientific idea that just might work as a last-ditch plan! Hey, it worked!") at the end which brings it down a bit, but all in all, it's a good time.

Today's Link Of The Day is (in what may become a theme for the week, depending on how many I can come up with) The Zero, the official website of Andrew Vachss. Vachss is the creator of the Burke series of books, which are very, very dark detective fiction. Vachss books are like David Fincher/Andrew Kevin Walker movies set to print, filtered through James Ellroy's use of language. There are samples of his work as well as other information on the site. He's really a favorite. Go check it now. http://www.vachss.com

6/20/2001 4:35 AM

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