Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

November 21, 2001

I have this odd feeling hanging over my head that there's a big gathering going on that I don't know about. This is, most likely, prompted by the fact that last year on the night before Thanksgiving, I was onstage, singing Madonna's "Vogue" for the entertainment of a karaoke audience, a large part of which was friends of mine.

Nothing so exciting today-I went to work, then I did some last-minute grocery shopping.

Bought Tim Burton's "Planet Of The Apes" on DVD, and I almost wonder if the DVD release wasn't what was really being pushed for the whole time-there's lots of bonus stuff here.

Really sleepy. Going now.

Today's Link Of The Day is Loompanics.com, which is the Amazon.com of the Bad World. There are all sorts of amazing publications for sale there-I won't even begin to attempt to describe them. http://www.loompanics.com

11/22/2001 3:04 AM

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