Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

November 25, 2001

Short tonight, simply because of the hour (compounded by the fact that I have to take P to a 10:15 doctor's appointment).

Patrick O'Malley is now running ads for his gubernatorial campaign that mention his views are attractive to "both Republicans and Reagan Democrats" (and if someone could explain to me what the hell a Reagan Democrat was, I'd be grateful. The concept makes no sense to me-it's like saying "blue redness"). I'm still not all that sure what kind of a chance he has-the Republican nomination is still probably unindicted co-conspirator Jim Ryan's to lose.

Worked today. Completes are slowly starting to come back into my life, which makes things just a touch less depressing.

Little else beyond that. The Bears continue to wow.

Today's Link Of The Day sends us back to the crank file: for God's sake, get that mucus out of your mouth. http://www.a-bloom.com/

11/26/2001 2:52 AM

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