Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

December 4, 2001

Six months.

Think about it, outside of biological functions and the maintenance thereof (toothbrushing, for example), what things have you done, every day, seven days a week, without skipping a day for six months straight? Even Cal Ripken Jr. got travel days.

Someone, of course, is going to post a response that's both utterly obvious and been going on for a lot longer than six months. But it's certainly a lot for me. I can't necessarily be bothered to eat every day for six months straight, but I've stuck to this.

Someone will say "prayer", too, and more power to them.

Anyway, today marks six months of me talking about my life in sometimes stultifying detail. To those of you who've been here since the beginning, I say thanks, and to those who've been here for only a bit, I say you've got some catch-up reading to do.

Obviously, some things have worked better than others; some days have been more interesting than others. I like that I try to review every movie I see. Even if the review is short and nondescriptive, it forces me to put my thoughts on film on paper, which can't be bad. (For what it's worth, the reviews I remember are the ones from "The Anniversary Party", "With A Friend Like Harry", "Monsters, Inc.", and even though I don't think I wrote it well, "Made".)

Speaking of which, the Pool is still going on-you have two more weeks to enter.

The Link of the Day started easily, but has gotten, at times, to be a bit of a chore. I've debated, more than once, about dropping it. Let me know what you think.

As far as individual entries go, I liked the July 9 (posted on 7/10) about the McCain-Feingold Bill; August 2 (posted 8/3) about the future; and I was fairly proud of my September 11 entry (posted 9/12).

For what it's worth, today was another dull workday. We're still trying to pressure the chimps who wrote the questionnaire into fixing their banana-encrusted mistakes.

Anyway, I'm looking for lots of comment today, people. What have you liked, what haven't you liked, what has worked for you, what hasn't, what would you like to see more of, etc, etc, etc. I want to hear about it all.

Today's Link Of The Day is, because I like the circularity of it, my first entry. If someone has WAY too much time on their hands, they can start there and read every entry, and tell me if I've changed. Even if you're not that unbusy, it never hurts to start at the beginning. http://www.livejournal.com/users/hannibalv/day/2001/06/05

12/5/2001 4:32 AM

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