Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

December 7, 2001

Sixty years since Pearl Harbor. Was it the event that changed the world, or the subsequent war?

Ran into two former high school classmates in separate incidents within a ten-minute span today. Life, huh?

Why won't this huge fucking fly in my room just die already? If it lives much longer, I'm going to respect its longevity and start treating it like a pet.

Saw "Ocean's 11". Soderbergh is God. Soderbergh is God. Soderbergh is God. It's the best heist film of the year. The cast is note-perfect (and the Clooney-Pitt chemistry is terrific-worthy of them appearing together more often), the writing is very sharp (especially the plan for the actual heist itself), and all the technical stuff outstanding. Skip work, skip class, skip church, skip everything and see this movie now.

(I apologize that the movie reviews really haven't been all that they could be. This is primarily a function of the fact that it tends to be really really late when I write them, and I'm sleepy.)

Today's Link Of The Day is a test to see if you can tell the Christaliban of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson from the real Taliban which supports (supported?) Osama Bin Laden. http://www.funnystrange.com/quiz/

12/8/2001 3:58 AM

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