Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

December 8, 2001

I went to a party tonight.

Draw your own conclusions from the fact that I'd rather talk about college football.

LSU beat Tennessee. Really, we should have seen this coming, with all the other upsets in the past month. I'd like to throw in my vote right now for Oregon, Illinois, and Colorado, in that order, to be considered for the Rose Bowl slot against Miami.

The party was not quite what I'd expected. The turnout was about one-fifth what I had thought would be there. And then people (and by "people", I mean people my age) started talking about how bad their "still-have-benefits-and-normal-people's-schedule" jobs were. The discussion actually turned, at one point, to retirement contribution rates. 24-year-olds, talking about retirement.

It made me feel almost suicidally inadequate. What am I doing wrong? I hope at least some of them get laid off and have to take shit jobs where they're horribly overqualified and underemployed.

I was unlucky enough to get my big layoff in July of 2000 (though I learned of it in April 2K). I still haven't recovered, work-wise.

And things were much better then.

No other real highlights to the day. Well, laundry, but does that really count?

Today's Link Of The Day is a Salon article by Jim DeRogatis about Britney Spears. Jim is the rock critic for the Chicago Sun-Times. He does not like Britney Spears. And he's very very good at being very very descriptive. http://www.salon.com/ent/music/feature/2001/12/03/britney_spears/index.html?x

12/9/2001 4:07 AM

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