Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

December 21, 2001

Dammit, now the sun's gonna get all uppity and start thinking it can stick around a little longer each day.

I'm getting better-I just need to contact an oil company willing to drill my skull and excavate the huge reserves of snot therein.

P is still sick-and I'm not going to tell you how sick, you'd just be grossed out. The short version is that, even after posting early last night and trying to get some sleep, I was up until after 4 helping to care for him.

I meant to mention last night: I returned the call from the Blagojevich campaign. The woman I spoke with will be the coordinator for my particular suburban region. I'll be meeting with her sometime after Jan. 1.

Did my retroactive birthday dinner tonight with P & M. What a debacle. P's still feeling wiped out from lack of sleep, so he spends much of the meal fighting that. M gets on him for it, trying to extract an apology for how "insulting" he's been. It's at this point I start to think about leaving (I drove, so if I left, they'd be stuck). They get into it a little bit, before they give up. I wasn't mad at P at the outset-I had an idea of what he was going through-but by the end, I was ready to declare a plague o' both their houses. Finally, the meal done, I get them home and head out to bake cookies. Humans. Bah.

Exchange from dinner:

P: "So, what are you plans and aspirations for your 24th year?"
Me: "Not to get drawn into conversations like this."

Today's Link Of The Day is Rinkworks.com. There's lots of funny here, especially in the Book-A-Minute and Movie-A-Minute sections. See for yourself. http://www.rinkworks.com

12/22/2001 4:10 AM

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