Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

December 22, 2001

Short tonight-I did a bunch of shouting tonight, which does not pair well with an already-sore throat.

Went to what will likely be the last of my Xmas parties for this year. Had some fun, ate good cookies. Distributed (and received) some gifts.

Drove to the hospital three times-once to drop P for dialysis, once to pick him up, and once to drop off a …specimen.

I hope I can survive the next ten days.

I saw some of the ceremony which installed the government in Afghanistan, and it was really impressive-seeing legitimate order coming back to a place that hasn't had any in my lifetime.

Today's Link Of The Day is Project Gutenberg, which allows you to read public-domain classics online. Go, read "Titus Andronicus". I'll be here. http://promo.net/pg/

12/23/2001 2:09 PM

(Server issues last night prevented timely posting.)

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