Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

January 1, 2002

You ever heard the idea that the first twelve days of the year can be used to indicate how the months will go? I'd never had a way of tracking it until now. Maybe when the year's over, I'll be able to see if there was any correlation.

Comments that, no matter how humorously meant, can still cause a small electric thrill: "Wow, this is really good! You made this? By yourself? Are you married?" (Honestly, it took me a second or two to catch up to the underlying (no-doubt-intended-to-be-funny) meaning to that last question. Dope.)

(I can hear at least one of you asking why I was (and am) so sure, so insistent that it was meant as ha-ha. Truthfully, because the alternative (that the question-well, not the question, but the question behind the question-was meant with even a hint of seriousness) is enough to send the mind howling into a crevasse of unpreparedness and gibbering fear.)

Anyway, I baked another cheesecake today, and it went over well (see above). It was served as a part of a Sugar Bowl party (thrown because of the University of Illinois's participation in said event, and attended by me because of the large number of my friends that attended said institution). Much fun was had, despite the Fighting Illini's rather unfortunate attempt to make the game really exciting by going down big early and trying a comeback.

Really very little at all outside of that. Was presented with a gift of "Brother" on DVD (my review of which can be found here) which is highly cool-I do so like the movies that ain't all with the English-talking.

Today's Link Of The Day is the Red Meat Construction Set. Make your own Red Meat. (For the uninitiated, Red Meat is a twisted, twisted, twisted, twisted weekly comic strip.) The Construction Set allows you to take your favorite RM characters and put words in their mouths. You can see my contribution in the OpenRMCS list under the tagline "Blatant subterfuge for the mole people." http://monkeydyne.com/rmcs/

1/2/2002 5:19 AM

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