Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

January 5, 2002

Today was actually pretty damned dull.

I woke up late, I cleaned, I picked P up from dialysis when his blood pressure wouldn't come up, did a little grocery shopping, cooked dinner, fed P &M, then myself, decided not to go out, watched the fairly excellent "Panic" on DVD.

I have to admit, "Mulholland Dr." has been itching like a mosquito bite on my brain. I've read some more reviews of it, and I've realized one of my fundamental problems: my dreams suck. To be precise, my dreams are unremarkable, meaningless things that are instantly forgotten. I often wonder if I even dream at all. I have no interest in unlocking their meanings, or deciphering their logic. I certainly wouldn't tell anyone else about the scraps that I remember, and if I hear the words "I had a dream…" everything thereafter turns into the muted-trumpet speech of Charlie Brown's teachers and parents. Anyway, all this should go some ways to explaining my dislike of "Mulholland Dr.", at least somewhat. From what I understand, a second viewing would help, but I have little desire for one.

Today's Link Of The Day is about Michael Swango, who may be the U.S.'s most prolific serial killer. Read all about the case at http://www.crimelibrary.com/serial6/swango/

1/6/2002 4:53 AM

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