Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

January 8, 2002

I was dragooned today into providing assistance for a motivational stunt at work. I wrote a mock-wire story about it-really, the creative equivalent of a pile of toenail clippings. Anyway, it was frighteningly well-received. This troubles me on a number of levels:

1. Will I be expected to be funny now?
2. I was told, about 90 minutes later, that it had made me "famous". Aw, hell, I need that like I need a tertiary navel.
3. No, you can't see it.
4. I hate "motivational" crap.
5. I intentionally put things into it that I knew my supervisor would tell me to take out. Except she didn't. Now I need to worry about who does read the thing.

I was actually getting a little agitated about it by the end of my time on that project. I'm a big fan of routine, and not getting in trouble, and this was messing with both of those valued concepts.

There are new windows in my room. They look really good, and are significantly better insulated than the old ones. The downside is that, now, I get really annoying amount of sun (I know, for me, any sun would be annoying, but this is blinding) in the mornings. Hopefully this will be remedied with curtains or such.

The treadmill that was purchased months ago was finally moved to its final home today. It had been doing little but sitting in the front hallway. Now it's in M's room and is her problem.

For people who have read the Harry Potter books only once: I just started rereading Book 1. In the first chapter, go check out the identity of the owner of the motorcycle Hagrid is riding when he delivers Harry.

Today's Link Of The Day is Sam the Goat. Go, read, be glad you're not Sam. http://members.darktech.org/majikland/sam/index.html

1/9/2002 4:18 AM

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