Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

January 15, 2002

Work doesn't change, and I'm growing increasingly disheartened with it.

The Coen Brothers are making an H & R Block commercial for the Super Bowl. This may be the greatest thing ever.

I'm continuing to disappoint myself with the entries. Am I running out of things to say, or the desire to say them? Perhaps, and no, respectively. Part of the problem is that I'm starting later and later at night (well, in the morning), and any thoughts I might have had are lost half the time. Another factor may be that my job is just so goddamn dull it's killing my mind slowly. I could, I suppose, be using that time to greater effect by thinking up things to say, but it's just not happening.

I must admit to being oddly thrilled that WSM-AM will be staying country.

Fuck! What the hell's going on? It's like someone set off a chaff grenade in my head ("chaff grenades", as players of Metal Gear Solid can tell you, are devices that use small bits of particulate matter used to confuse a security device) floating around my head, preventing me from getting a really solid grip on anything and taking off with it. Fuck! I would say that it's separate from my longstanding ADD, but I can't really identify a source.

I think I need to start screaming again. Maybe that will help.

Congratulations, Wayne and Donna. Here's to 35 times as many.

Today's Link Of The Day was going to be about John Shelby Spong, but I couldn't find a good enough source. Maybe in the future. Instead, go enjoy the bucolic joys of http://www.sheepgame.co.uk

1/16/2002 4:25 AM

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