Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

January 21, 2002

Mortification is so much easier if you're not in the same room as everyone else when it happens. How terrible that that happens for so few mortifying situations (which, for those of us easily mortified, lurk around every corner, waiting to happen and turn your face brick-red with blushing).

(Tell me you're not going to be peeking around corners for the rest of the day, looking for mortifying situations lying in wait. They look like monsters, they do, the fairly benign monsters of "Monsters, Inc.", say, and they carry baseball bats and golf clubs to bonk you over the head with mortification. And they hit you and your face blooms ruddy and while you're trying to deal with it they run away and hide again, patient as snipers, singleminded as sharks.)

No, you don't get to find out what prompted that particular word-cadenza, or, indeed, tonight's rapidly-developing theme.

Mortification, embarrassment's big brother, has always been a part of my life. It's a symptom of shyness (which, though some who've witnessed my more outlandish antics might disagree, has always been a problem of mine), and comes with its own set of stomach-churning effects (effect number one: stomach-churning). With time, you tend to spot the possibilities for mortification in advance, and then try to circumvent them to the best of your abilities. At least that's how I've worked it out, and gosh, ain't I happy?

The braver, I suppose, face the possibility for mortification head-on and end up, to put it in the vernacular, making it their bitch. I've never really been able to do that. Instead, I live a life of avoidance and diminished reward, but conversely, diminished mortification.

Nothing of note at work or home or in the news today, though a couple of things may be developing.

Today's Link Of The Day comes to me from one of my Canadian readers. If you've seen (or read, I suppose) "The Shipping News", then you know of seal-flipper pie. If not, you soon will be intimately aware of its details. Me, I just get a kick out of saying "seal-flipper pie". http://www.baccalieu.com/yaffles/seal.htm

1/22/2002 4:47 AM

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