Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

June 25, 2001

Six months 'til Christmas! Woo!

Rage was averted, but I was dragged along to IKEA as muscle/truck driver. Ended up buying a desk, a shelving unit, and, most importantly-I HAVE A CHAIR!!!!! No more typing while sitting on the floor!

I also assembled the desk and shelving unit-by the end of the evening, I didn't even want to put together a SENTENCE for the rest of the week. Then I remembered that I'd promised you, the Reader, another discourse on Illinois politics. Well, here goes:

There have been rumblings that Glenn Poshard may run for the Democratic nomination for governor again next year. I really do not want to see this-I have nightmares of a Poshard/Ryan (Jim or George) battle for the governorship again, which means that for the second straight election I would not cast a vote for governor. Rep. Poshard would seem to have several things working against him:

· He's from downstate
· He's far too conservative (anti-abortion, anti-gun control) for most in the Democratic party
· He's already lost once
· He seems to think it's his turn, for some reason

Polls show Poshard winning the primary election and beating either Ryan in the general. I think these polls are misleading. I'm guessing most Illinois voters are not yet paying a lot of attention to the gubernatorial race, and they remember just enough from 1998 to know his name when given a list of possible candidates. In any case, I think his downstateness is what hurts him the most. Chicago-area voters want a Chicago-area candidate, no matter his (or her) party affiliation. Most Chicago-area residents think (rightfully?) that downstate cares little for them or their needs. Please, Illinois Democratic Party, let's pull behind someone from the Chicago area (Rod Blagojevich?) and work to get him elected. (BTW, the idea I've heard floated recently of a Paul Vallas-Christopher Kennedy-yes, those Kennedys-ticket is intriguing, but is a ticket with that little elected experience going to fly?)

Anyway, I promised politics, so I delivered. I recently asked someone how to get into government and he said to volunteer on the local level. I thought about this for a while, when I realized my interest wasn't government, it was politics. Figure out the difference and you'll know what I mean.

Today's Link Of The Day is Where's George. It's a place to enter the serial numbers of the paper money in your wallet. You then go out and spend it, making sure to mark it with wheresgeorge.com beforehand. Eventually (in theory), someone will note the marking, visit the site, enter the serial number of that bill again, and allow it to be tracked. I've been doing it for a while, without any hits, but I hold up hope. Give it a try. http://www.wheresgeorge.com

6/26/2001 3:22 AM

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