Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

January 25, 2002

On the road again...

Am currently hacking away at the keyboard of dear friends Ann and Dave (or Dave and Ann for the non-alphabetically-inclined among you) in lovely Indianapolis, IN. I know Ann and Dave from my year at college (no, the singular is not a typo). I was in their wedding. They’re neat-o.

There are small dogs around. And though I daren’t say this out loud (though they’re Ann and Dave are both readers, so the truth will become known before too long), I wonder if the dogs aren’t somehow chemically stimulated—I mean, really, that’s a lot of energy. I can’t help but wonder if they’re putting crystal meth into their (the dogs’) water or somesuch.

Did a lot of shopping before hitting the road, almost none of it for me, I bought some, but not all of the comics I had waiting for me, by request of my comics store manager. It gets a little complicated, but he wants me to come back on Wednesday, which, for him, I’m more than happy to do. Of course, for him, I am willing space monkey and he is Tyler Durden, but whatever.

I wonder if/how much this entry will be affected by the change of venue. You’ll tell me, I suppose.

I read today what was, by far, the bitterest response to the September 11 attacks that I’ve seen. It was three panels (and for those who know of such things, it was by Frank Miller): The first panel, half a page, white on black, extreme closeup of a star, captioned “I don’t need a flag.” Second panel, half a page again, black on white, extreme closeup of a cross, captioned “I don’t need God.” Third panel, full page, white on black of the WTC facade, twisted and fallen, captioned “I’ve seen the power of faith.” My words can’t really do it justice. But I read it and instantly remarked that I wanted to get it tattooed on my skin—and, mind you, I dislike tattoos and had never considered one in the past (and still don’t really, but it’s a useful form of hyperbole in this case). Interestingly, the person who showed it to me said he had the same reaction. That Mr. Miller does good work, he does.

I also did a lot of driving today. I can now personally attest to the fact that you will drive faster after drinking a liter of Coke on the trip, if only to dispose of said Coke post-consumption.

Today’s Link Of The Day, submitted by my host Dave, is BoxJam’s Doodle. He says it’s his number one favorite online comic strip, and he reads a lot of them, so I’d be inclined to trust his judgment. It is, in the words of its creator, “drawings about stuff”. Go, discover for yourself. http://www.boxjamsdoodle.com/

1/26/02 1:08 AM

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