Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

January 30, 2002

As I write this (my watch just beeped 1AM, so we'll see how long this entry takes to write), snow falls outside my window. Lots of it. WOO!

A couple of quick State of the Union reactions: Iran is the one country in the Middle East that is slowly democratizing. Though Iranian-American relations have a …colorful…history, at best, the US might do well to keep our Iranian policy one of guarded optimism. As Peter Jennings said in his daily Jennings' Journal e-mail (see abcnews.com for signup details), "One of the phrases that has drawn a lot of attention is "axis of evil," three words the president used to describe Iran, Iraq and North Korea. We were most surprised by Iran's presence on that list. So are the Iranians."

Harmid Karzai is Snoop Dogg-charismatic.

My other instant reaction is this:

"America prospers, so my economic security plan can be summed up in one word: jobs."-from the text of the State of the Union address, as published on cnn.com.

"Bush Budget Will Seek Cuts in Programs for Job Training"-Headline from the New York Times' daily "Today's Headlines" e-mail.

The topic I said I'd address earlier is, once again, a victim of timeliness. Dammit.

Today's Link Of The Day is the Global Ideas Bank. Do you have a concept that might change the world? Do you want to look into other's ideas? Here's your clearinghouse. http://www.globalideasbank.org/

1/31/2002 4:45 AM

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