Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

January 31, 2002

Just going to push through this and see how much I get done.

I don't, in my day-to-day "real" (as opposed to "online") life have very many female friends of my own. Nearly all of the ones I do have at least started out as S.O. to other, longstanding male friends. I think the last time I made a real, independent female friend (and though I hate having to point it out in this manner, I must) in real life was in mid-1998-and that's someone I haven't had any contact with since late 2000.

There are some exceptions, I suppose-I've had female co-workers at each of the four jobs I've had in the past two years who I've continued to talk to after I left (excepting, of course, the one I'm currently at); the interesting thing there is that they were all at least ten years older than I (give or take).

Online, things are night-and-day different. I have any number of female friends that I've met online in one manner or another, but almost no male friends. (Those really in the know will know what I mean when I mention there's something I'm not mentioning.)

Does this lack of female friends diminish me in any way? Am I poorer for this relative lack of platonic female companionship?

The pattern started early, and for reasons I would be unable to adequately explain: but suffice it to say, the vast, vast, majority of my friends have been, historically, male. I have a LOT of difficulty making female friends.

To close this, I posed the "does it diminish me" question to one of my (online, female) friends. She said "Friendships illuminate people, I guess. You're good, you're just not as well-lit as you'd like."

I saw "The Count of Monte Cristo", directed by Kevin Reynolds. I liked it a lot-I thought it moved very well, the performances were strong, and the story was, of course, a thrill. However, I'm intentionally being a bit tight-lipped about it, for reasons that will remain my own for a while.

Today's Link Of The Day is Grand Illusions. They make fabulous things you thought no one made any more, like toys, magic tricks, and even orreries. http://www.grand-illusions.com/

2/1/2002 5:59 AM

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