Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

June 27, 2001

Starting megalate tonight. Shortness will follow.

I'm wondering if I should just become a laborer-I spend so much time doing heavy lifting.

I have significantly less hair than I did when last you heard from me.

Once again, Jerry Krause is trying to prove he's smarter than everyone else…we'll see if he's right. Anyone want to start a "Tim Floyd freakout" pool?

I am so disconnected from any form of spirituality that I deny it entirely. I'm strongly in the "there's flesh, then the grave" school, and a proponent of having as much fun with as many people as possible. (Of course, I am a proponent, but I do little-to-nothing to live that tenet. I can't remember when I last met someone new.)

If I have to hang a belief on anything, it's this-there may be a plan. But it's not guided, it's not sentient, and any illusion of free will is just wheels within wheels within wheels, all lighting the way only to the grave. Remember, chaos becomes order, when viewed on a large enough perspective…but if you pull out further, it becomes chaos again, repeating chaos/order iterations until the distinction is meaningless.

(Jeepers. I used five consecutive words starting with "w" back there.)

Spoke to a reader on the phone today and found myself without anything to say-though I did include the words "read all about it". I wonder if, in opening this journal to the world, I've actually distanced myself somehow-perhaps my thinking has moved totally into an open-letter form.

Of course, I've curtailed personal telephone usage in recent years anyway-most of my phone conversations are functional, nothing more-I call with an agenda, be it asking a question or setting up a meeting, whatever-I complete that agenda, and I end the call. I find I prefer either face-to-face communication or e-mail, in both cases because I find them more expressive.

Hmmm…seems I had more to say than I thought. And it all came spilling out quickly.

Today's Link Of The Day is (and BTW, today I programmed a macro into Word so I don't have to type "Today's Link Of The Day is" any more. Alt+Ctrl+Shift+L works just fine) the list of DVD "Easter Eggs" list on DVD Review. "Easter Eggs" are little unadvertised bits of extra goodness that are placed on a DVD. My personal favorite is the one on "Bring It On". Anyway, there exists a good listing of the discovered eggs here: http://www.dvdreview.com/html/hidden_features.shtml

6/28/2001 3:51 AM

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