Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

February 11, 2002

Hastitude: I'm going to be up in three hours to watch the Oscar nominations. Look for full coverage tomorrow.

Work was dull again, but it moved fairly quickly.

Saw "Monster's Ball", directed by Marc Forster. It's…kind of a mishmash, actually-there are parts that are genuinely shocking and moving…followed, undercut, almost immediately by pieces of seemingly-intentional comedy. It obviously wants to be a serious film tackling important issues, and when it's in that mode, it does so well, but then something incongruously near-hilarious happens, and I was ultimately left puzzled by it all, wonder just what was to be made of it. The performances are quite good-Billy Bob Thornton is now officially a "see because of" actor (meaning that if he's in something, that's reason to see it), Halle Berry is very, very good as well, in what is basically a supporting role (but watch it get nominated as a lead). Peter Boyle, Sean Combs, and Heath Ledger all also do well, even though two of them have very short roles. Ultimately, the script can't quite decide where it wants to go, to its failing.

Today's Link Of The Day is an odd ripoff of Am I Hot or Not, done by the good people of the Guinness Book of World Records. Is it amazing? If so, how amazing is it? (Not to be confused with Letterman's "Is This Anything?") http://guinnessworldrecords.com/howamazing/amazing.asp

2/12/2002 5:03 AM

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