Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

February 13, 2002

I'd like to thanks everyone who expressed concern after last night's entry. You mean a lot to me.

(Believe it or don't: the Hemlock Society link was meant to be a bit of infrablack humor. For those of you who haven't read "Good Omens", infrablack is the color after black-it's so dark it's coming back around the other side.)

What you saw yesterday was a pretty good representation of what it's like when I'm in a really depressive mode (to be known, now and forever, as a d-hole). It manifests almost as a kind of quadriplegia (not to belittle the true sufferers of that condition). I end up unable and pretty much unwilling to move much or do anything but obsess over what's wrong. It can be very scary-trust me, last night was far from the worst of it. Usually, I can control it with medication-but I can't afford medication without health insurance.

In any case, I will do a real writeup on the Oscars at some point. My quick comment, though, is: Wow, how sorry am I that I missed "Training Day"?

Oh, and fuck Valentine's Day. Very hard.

Today's Link Of The Day is not meant to be humorous in the least. It's a transcript of the funeral of the Yates children of Houston, killed by their mother in her postpartum depression. http://www.yateskids.org/funeral-service.html

2/14/2002 4:30 AM

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