Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

February 22, 2002

Yeah, it's late-I got home and all I wanted to do was fall into bed.

Busybusy day. Got a haircut, bought comics (woo!), visited P (depending on who you talk to, he'll be out Saturday or Monday), bought Johnny Cash's "Love God Murder" minibox, went to a play, had some fun, had more fun, came home.

P was, apparently, retaining a LOT of fluid (which is very bad if your kidneys don't work). As of 6PM, they'd taken more than 25 pounds off of him.

The play was "You Can't Take It With You", as presented by my high school alma mater. I went because the director, the longtime theatre bigfoot at the school, is retiring after 25 years. My connection to her as actually kind of tenuous-I had her for Communication class the first semester of my freshman year there, and I somehow formed the opinion that she didn't like me. As such, I steered clear of all things theatrical at school until the last play of my senior year, which was being directed by someone else. Fast-forward to now, when some of my friends who were deeply involved with her work discovered her impending retirement, and some of us decided to go to the show. The whole thing was, by turns, frustrating, eye-opening, and nostalgic. Frustrating because, as has happened before, I was told that I hadn't (haven't?) changed a bit since high school. This was meant a bit more affectionately than last time, but still, it stung. It was eye-opening on several fronts:

· Apparently this teacher didn't dislike me, so the animus was either mine (and forgotten) or imagined.
· Two of my favorite teachers are retiring this year as well, so I need to get in to see them before the end.
· The school had a huge expansion put on in the past two years, so it was my first opportunity to see any of that-it's quite impressive, and increased the size of the building by probably 50%.
· It's always a hoot to see ex-teachers of yours drinking and swearing.

The production was fairly well-done, but the play itself is an anachronism along the lines of powdered wigs.

Chuck Jones is dead. This is dismaying, but luckily we still have all the work.

I think I had more to say, but this is already running far too late and long.

Today's Link Of The Day is yet another one from my all-too-often uncredited anonymous donor. Its creator is another prime candidate for citizenship in the Bad World. For myself, I'm considering getting a bunch of postcards and sending them as Christmas cards. http://mind-site.com/jc/

2/23/2002 11:21 AM

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