Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

March 9, 2002

It's way too early for me to be this sleepy.

Did some housecleaning today, bought some things, including the new Local H CD, Michael Moore's new book, and the screenplay to "The Royal Tenenbaums".

Oh, one other thing-I was disappearing into another d-hole today when, as I walked through Best Buy looking for the Local H CD, I saw something that, had I been throwing myself at the ground, might conceivably have made me miss: KMFDM, "Boots". I stopped to look at it, and discovered that it was brand-new material from KMFDM, who dissolved three years ago. As the one original track on the four-song EP says, "KMFDM is back", and I honestly, couldn't be happier. The new full-length CD will be out in two weeks. All this pulled me from my d-hole...for a while.

Also saw "Iris", directed by Richard Eyre. It's an odd film-it's a biopic in which the most important part of the subject's life is absent. Instead, we see young Iris Murdoch (Kate Winslet) at the beginning of her career and her relationship with John Bayley (Hugh Bonneville), and the old Iris (Judi Dench) at the end of her life, wasting away from Alzheimer's, with Bayley (Jim Broadbent) fighting to help her survive. The acting is uniformly excellent-Winslet and Dench deserve their Oscar nominations, and Broadbent gives a good performance as well, though I'm left puzzled as to why he was nominated for his part in this and not either "Moulin Rouge" or "Bridget Jones's Diary". Still, instead of o complete picture of the woman and her work, we have an incomplete sketch focusing on the woman and her illness.

Today's Link Of The Day is something that is probably dangerous for me to be nosing around (as I'll likely get lost). Useless Facts is loaded with…well, you figure it out. http://www.uselessfacts.net/

3/10/2002 3:11 AM

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