Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

March 13, 2002

Weird and busy-a lovely combination.

M's still sick with we-know-not-what, and she's so afraid of confrontation that she had me tell her boss that she wouldn't be coming in today. P's still in the hospital (BTW, a shiny nickel to the first person that tells me how many times he's been admitted since I started these inane scratchings). He's having surgery tomorrow to (hopefully) permanently fix his heartrate problems. Plus he had (or was supposed to have) and MRI done today on his back to see if something can be done to alleviate pain and weakness in his legs. He's looking at a Friday release, but I'm hoping it gets pushed further.

I got to work late, as I was visiting P. As it turns out, whatever I had was going around-there were a LOT of absences yesterday (and today, or that matter). Which meant that work had piled up, in addition to what needed to be done today…yicky.

After work, time was spent reading Onion articles aloud and criticizing the Bush administration.

Today's Link Of The Day is The Square Root of -1. I can't really define it beyond saying it's kind of conceptual art…and it's really cool. Best experienced with Flash and sound. http://www.thesquarerootof-1.com

3/14/2002 4:35 AM

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