Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

March 17, 2002

The words of a Scotsman: "Happy St Patrick's Day to all those Americans out there still bafflingly determined to claim Irish ethnicity. Why not make your day extra-authentic, by making fun shapes with semtex, arbitrarily hating people with marginally different religious beliefs, and banning abortion? All while listening to the soulful sounds of Westlife."

That's about my attitude toward the day. If I wore color, on this day it would be orange.

Work was full of tinpot conflicts. I get to leave early tomorrow.

Picked up the election supplies this morning. I am now officially a part of government in action.

Today's Link Of The Day is, because I think it's cute, http://www.miniusa.com

3/18/2002 3:52 AM

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    Anybody want to get me a half-birthday present?

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    Hey, if I was a psychopath, you'd tell me, right?

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    If I start wearing stuff from The Gap, to what degree of doucheness/hypocrisy will I be subjecting myself, considering the degree to which I've…

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