Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

March 29, 2002


Well, I didn't get a full-blown cold like I'd been dreading, but I'm not 100%, either. My throat's still sore, especially when I yawn, and I can tell that my right ear is backing up.

I didn't do a hell of a lot today, but tomorrow should be busy with laundry, among other things.

I used to have thoughts on things.

I wonder what has happened.

It's not just the routine and the fact that nothing interesting happens to me any more, day-to-day.

I feel like I'm failing my readership, though, with the utter insipidness of these ramblings.

I'm back in high school again, sitting, staring at a blank piece of paper, and absolutely unfuckingable to write an in-class essay. I hated essay tests. Hated them. I could never EVER really do one-I'd race through the multiple-choice section of the test then have a whole bunch of time to look at the paper and not write. I'd just…freeze. Get lost inside my head. Try to scribble a few things down, futilely.

I can remember exactly one successful essay test: it was in European History class, we were doing the Enlightenment, Adam Smith's economics, that kind of thing, and I ended up doing the whole thing-no lie-as a series of rhymed couplets. It that was enough to keep my thoughts organized over the course of the whole thing.

Heh. Hey, look, real thoughts.

Today's Link Of The Day is Lego BrickBuilder. It is the ultimate bottomless Lego bucket. I was never really into Lego-not enough structure (pardon the pun) for me (plus I think I was disallowed them on an "I don't want to be stepping on them" complaint)-but this is fairly fun. http://www.lego.com/build/brickbuilder/brickbuilder.asp

3/30/2002 4:17 AM

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