Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

April 1, 2002

About an hour ago, I almost posted this:

"Sometimes I wonder why I even fucking bother to draw breath.

Today's Link Of The Day is http://www.whofuckingcares.com

4/2/2002 2:41 AM"

I have since drawn back from that stance (and discovered that there's no content at whofuckingcares.com).

I was reading "Dear Abby" today (in the Chicago Tribune, it's on the same page as "Doonesbury" and "Fox Trot", so I was already turned to the page), and I came across this bit in a response: "Nothing is written in stone. However, in an ideal world, members of one's family are supposed to be closer than one's friends." This angered me a bit, mainly because I don't particularly like much of my family. I was reminded of something I realized at my grandfather's funeral five years ago: relatives are assigned by genetic chance. Family is something you choose.

Today's Link Of The Day is, really, my personal choice for best April Fool's gag of the year (though the one perpetrated by Tom Heald comes very close-see http://www.tvbarn.com for details). Go look at every Star Wars fan's worst nightmare: http://www.nsyncfanforce.net/

4/2/2002 3:57 AM

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