Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

April 3, 2002

I'm getting started with this very late, so it will probably end up very short.

A question on that, actually-how is getting to bed around 4AM (a deadline I admit I've blown tonight) and getting up around 10:45 for a 12:30 job different from getting to bed around midnight, getting up at 6:45 and getting to an 8AM job?

Not too much beyond that. Worked and completed, for good, that oft-mentioned but anonymous writing project. I'll be linking to it tomorrow. Also check out Random Reviews for a set of movie-spoutings that, while coming a bit late, are something I've been promising here for a while.

Today's Link Of The Day is ExChristian.net. This is a spectacular site for everyone who's recovering from a dose of Christianity. Take a look. http://www.exchristian.net/

4/4/2002 4:55 AM

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