Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

July 2, 2001

Shortness inspired by ordinariness, though there is political talk, so I don't know how long this will go.

Took Dad to two doctor's appointments today. He's likely to have surgery on his arm sometime in the near future.

I was told earlier tonight that I've been more helpful than usual, recently. I was somewhat taken aback by this-I hadn't realized I'd changed. I thought I was being my usual churlish-but-dutiful self. I began to wonder what has changed, and the only thing that came to mind was this journal. And being really, really broke. But I'm not sure if it's either. Perhaps I'm just accumulating karma (or working my way out of a karma-hole).

Maybe it's just the fact that I have a chair again so I don't have to sit on the floor while I type, making me less surly.

Politics: U.S. Rep Rod Blagojevich (D-IL) is, in a recent poll, running a fairly strong third among probable Democratic voters in the nomination for governor. Rep. Glenn Poshard is running first, with 28 percent, followed by former Attorney General Roland Burris, with 21 and Blagojevich at 14. (The other three contenders in the poll combined for about 5 percent, and the Undecided vote actually leads everyone at about 33 percent.) Poshard and Burris were neck-and-neck for the Democratic nomination four years ago. The more interesting breakdown is this: Blagojevich is winning among white males in Chicago, and in the city of Chicago overall he is running in a tie for first with Burris. (Background: Mr. Burris is African-American and also unsuccessfully challenged Richard M. Daley in the last election for mayor of Chicago.) Blagojevich is said to be focusing on that undecided vote. Sadly, he needs to take at least half of it plus drawing supporters away from Poshard and Burris, but that is not necessarily an unachievable goal. This is the first shot at statewide office Blagojevich is taking, so much of the state may not really have heard of him…time will tell.

Today's Link Of The Day is an article on the nature of stories, and whether there is real universality to any of them. Neil Gaiman put it in the tour journal on his website, so if you've already seen it, my apologies. Everyone else should go read now. http://www.cc.gatech.edu/people/home/idris/Essays/Shakes_in_Bush.htm

7/3/2001 2:49 AM

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