Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

July 3, 2001

Sleepy-short, but a big announcement.

Attended an event that bore a strange resemblance to a David Lynch movie tonight.

Not much beyond that, really. Paid some bills, (figuratively) bashed my head into a brick wall for a while.

Anyway, an announcement: Today marks the first day of the second half of the year, and as of July 3, I have seen 52 movies. I'm throwing open a contest-guess how many total, in-the-theatre movies I see in 2001. This includes anything that I may see for the second time, sneak previews, anything. From now until…my birthday (December 19), I will be accepting guesses as to the total number of films I see in calendar 2001. Only one guess per customer, and once a number is picked, it is out of the pool (thus avoiding tiebreakers). If two or more people enter with the same number at the same time, the entry that shows up first in my mailbox lays claim. The winner gets…some kind of prize, I guess. I'd think about asking an entry fee and paying off the winner with that, but a) I don't want to get into collections on something like that, and b) it could rather rightly be considered gambling, which gets into legal issues I don't even want to consider. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Contest limited to those aged 18 and over. Void where prohibited by law. You have my solemn promise that I will not in any way shave or pad the number of movies I see to affect this outcome of this contest. SEND ENTRIES TO: johnsmoviepool@aol.com

Today's Link Of The Day is the personal website of Chicago Sun-Times rock critic Jim DeRogatis. Rock critics tend to be pretty much despised-no one wants to read 200 words on why their favorite band sucks-but the good ones also tell you where to find truly great music. Jim does this very well, and to this day I thank him for turning me on to the Flaming Lips, the Elephant 6 collective, and PJ Harvey. (I admit it, during the time when I wanted to be a rock critic-I've since turned my focus to something a little more…visual (see above)-I wanted to be Jim.) Anyway, you can access many of his writings at the site, and they're worth your time. http://www.jimdero.com

7/4/2001 4:02 AM

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