Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

April 9, 2002

Battle lines are being drawn, and trenches dug: my parents are at war.

There is talk of competency hearings and ejections. And lawyers.

The reason for all this is that P forgot/neglected to pay one of the utility bills, and we were cut off around noon today. I won't mention which one, but if you're clever, you'll figure it out. Anyway, I made a call and got us turned back on, but it's started major shit between P and M.

And I'd been having such a good night, too…

I saw "Big Trouble", directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. I laughed my damn ass off. I really, really, really intend to review this in full someplace else.

Since I spaced last night, I forgot to mention that yesterday was the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide. You are missed, sir.

Today's Link Of The Day is about how the entertainment industry wants to screw you. A question about this: if I download MP3s (I do, and I tend to feel at least a little guilty about it), but I refuse to download anything unauthorized and movie-related, what does that make me? Fool? Hypocrite? Crusader? Quixote (which, really, in my mind, is equivalent to "fool", but that's me)? Anyway, go read. http://www.farces.com/stories/storyReader$414

4/10/2002 4:28 AM

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