Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

April 28, 2002

There's something oddly reassuring about the fact that, even in this "civilized" day and age, two rival motorcycle gangs can get together and rumble and have people end up dead.

I wonder if it's possible to romanticize mental illness, referring to it as "madness", thereby conjuring up images of sanitariums, straitjackets and padded rooms, instead of the reality of constant struggle and difficulty out in the open world. For every "insane creative genius" there are scores who are just "insane".

Saw "Changing Lanes", directed by Roger Michell, and I was surprised by who much I liked it. Certain parts of it are wholly preposterous, sure-the concept of "turning credit on and off" is laughable-but I found the increasingly desperate choices made by both Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck interesting.

Work is slowly dying until it finally gives up the ghost on Saturday. The "other" project at work is ongoing-I was hung up on 50 times today. Not fun.

Today's Link Of The Day is another in an increasing number of "Behind the Music" parodies. This one is a fairly ha-ha look at the TransFormers…"Behind the Toon". (This link is for Part 1; find the link for Part 2 toward the top of the page.) http://www.thefourthrail.com/features/0402/fightinwords12.shtml

4/29/2002 11:51 AM

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