Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

April 29, 2002

Just another day without events.

I did put together a new bookshelf, giving me new, badly-needed shelf space which will likely get filled very soon indeed (in fact, it's already started).

P has started his new job for the CSO. He's making money, which makes him feel good, and I say bully for him.

My work is ongoing blowitude.

This whole thing-the journal you're reading and have been for a length of time that amazes me at this point-started as a near-compulsion, then it became, for a while, a joy (and still has flashes of that, from time to time), then it was a diversion…and then, though I'm not quite sure when, somewhere along the line, it became a chore. I'm not going to stop, but…it's just that so often I don't feel anything as I do my little chronicling of the undrama this is my life. Even when any kind of feeling derived is negative, it's good, because it's still feeling. But now? These days? So often, so empty…

Well, that was unexpected. (Actually, that's not true-I expected to say it in a little more than a month, but more on that then.)

Today's Link Of The Day is associated with my new project at work. Information about the restandardization of the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test is available at http://www.sb5.info

4/30/2002 4:23 AM

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