Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

May 23, 2002

Almost nothing to report today.

Went to see P, learned how to get him in and out of the car so we can take him out on a pass this weekend-looking like Monday for that.

I'm also, rather unfortunately, rapidly running out of money, which is, y'know, bad because I like having, y'know, stuff.

Actually, I did almost nothing today, had no big thoughts…just a big shrug of a day.

Today's Link Of The Day is something that needs to be seen to be believed. I think I also need to see the person who paid $78.66 to believe them. http://mirrors.meepzorp.com/ebay/screaming-boy-doll-head-with-fly-on-face/

5/24/2002 12:33 PM

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