Hannibal V Constantine (hannibalv) wrote,
Hannibal V Constantine

July 8, 2001

I'm not entirely sure where this will go tonight.

Drove Dad to church this morning, which meant 18 minutes 42 seconds of listening to something I didn't even think they made: a 25-year-old Puritan. The new pastor decried pornography, drinking to excess, and premarital sex from the pulpit. Dad said they usually come out of seminary like that and moderate as they age. Hope so.

Anyway, the point I wanted to discuss the past few night is this: cultural omnivory (omnivorousness?). I like to think of myself as a cultural omnivore. With a minimum of prodding, I'll see any film, listen to any CD, read anything, go to museums, whatever. Beyond just making me well-rounded, I think-and I'll use film as my example here, because it's my primary focus-that every film I see makes me better able to judge film. There's some kind of lesson (about filmmaking) to be learned from almost everything, even "Battlefield Earth" (in which case the lesson is "don't adapt L. Ron Hubbard"). Each film you see makes you a better viewer for the next one, so don't pas up a chance to see anything. At least that's how I look at it. Perhaps you disagree. That's why I'm throwing it open to you. Do you have any thoughts on the matter? Comment below.

Today's Link Of The Day is the Dead People Server. For those times when you really need to know: Is Alan Thicke still alive? How about Steve McQueen? (Yes and no.) Check it here: http://www.dpsinfo.com/dps.html

7/9/2001 2:15 AM

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